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Would You Sit Down for a Minute?!

Monday, March 26, 2012

hear that question alot from J.  I can't help it...I'm constantly doing something and I can't stand to just sit and watch TV.  And with weather like we've been having (70's and 80's!), there's a garden to get started!  And I was rarin' to get to work on the to-do list come Saturday morning.

First, we planted the potatoes in our new potato bins.  Clicky to find out how to make your own!  These are the Yellow Finn seed potatoes that I ordered.  Anything 2" and under are planted whole and everything else is cut a day ahead of time into chunks 2" or larger.  Just make sure they have at least 2 eyes on each chunk.  If you're new to potatoes, the reason for cutting them a day ahead is so that the cut will scab over and it prevents them from rotting in the ground.  Plant them about 4 to 5 inches deep and about 8 inches apart.

While we were at it, I also planted 6 more garlic cloves with the others in the existing bed and 25 more Ozark Supreme strawberry plants in the strawberry\onion raised bed.  I've got more to plant, including some tomato and cabbage plants that J. wanted at Home Depot, but it'll all have to wait until Monday night.  The dirt\compost we put in that bed must have had tons of weed seeds in it, because I had to spend some time weeding it as I was planting. 

Then it was on to stripping the last of the wallpaper at the rental house.  Let me tell you - there's no more fun than stripping wallpaper.  Not!

While we were making a list of stuff that needs to be done on the house before we sell it, I noticed that there was an old stone door sill under the deck from when the house was built in the late 1800's.  It's solid limestone and about 8 inches thick, 40 inches wide and 14 inches deep.  A door sill?  Nah...it's the perfect step into the chicken coop!

My "new" repurposed limestone step into the coop.  Looks like it was meant to be there, doesn't it?

It may not look that big, but J. and I estimate it weighed somewhere between 250 and 300 pounds.  We had to use some smarts, some lever action and some serious elbow grease to get that thing into our garden cart so that we could use the lawn tractor to move it over to our backyard across the street.  And we're both sore today from all the effort.  That thing was heavy with a capital H!

And if that didn't wear us out, then mowing the yard-full-of-10-inch-high-weeds, cleaning the chicken coop, grocery shopping, and cleaning out the garage did. 

So I think I'll end today's post with a look at some relaxing flowers around our house right now.  Or should I say summer?  At 80 degrees, I'm pretty sure we skipped Spring altogether.

Purple Beauty Creeping Phlox isn't creepy at all!  It's a great option for a slope or to cascade over a rock wall.

This Emperor Tulip looks out from behind the prison bars of our fence. 

Funny thing about the to-do list, by the way.... it never seems to get completed.  I scratch something off and two more things get added.  Does any one else have this problem?

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  1. I love that doorstep!

    Uh oh... we didn't wait a day before planting potatoes. I guess that's ANOTHER experiment we're doing!


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