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The Caterpillar Lied

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Remember this little guy?  Well, he's a liar!

His being all black last fall was supposed to predict a bad winter and we haven't really had any snow to think of.  In fact, this is certainly the warmest and driest winter in my lifetime and it may very well go down as the warmest on record.

Don't feel bad, little caterpillar.  The Farmer's Almanac was wrong also.  Maybe you were just so traumatized by all the snow last year and you didn't want to get it wrong this time.  Or maybe it was just a fashion statement.  Whatever...we forgive you because you're so cute.

A couple of quick updates...

The girls are still laying 6 or 7 eggs a day, so the molting situation hasn't slowed them down a bit!  Of course it doesn't help that Miss Butterfingers (that's me) dropped an egg yesterday.  Aarrgghhh! I sold another dozen to someone at work this week and she said they were awesome.  She wants to be a "regular customer", so that's great.  The girls now have a steady income.

The Food Not Lawns class last night was AWESOME.  I don't have time to post details here before work and have quilting class tonight, as you know.  But I promise to have all that for you tomorrow morning.

Garlic and onions are coming up nicely with all this sunny warm weather.  The temperature in the raised beds is 56 degrees and the garlic is up about 5 inches.  That's the great thing about planting in beds - they warm up faster than the ground itself.

Signing off to go make the donuts now.  After all, it does pay for my gardening and chicken farming hobbies....

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  1. Ah well, sometimes the weatherman on the local news doesn't do much better! He's cute... love the fuzz!

  2. lol that's funny....poor little lying caterpillar! i wonder if the other caterpillars made fun of him?

  3. That caterpillar must've been the family black sheep...er....worm. Glad to hear things are going well! Thanks for linking up today.

  4. Glad the girls are laying while molting. I have just started selling some of my eggs too. It's nice that they can help support themselves. That food not lawns class sounds fascinating.

  5. Great that you have an outlet to sell your eggs. I used to when I worked -- but now, not so much that I'm home full time.

    I alway used to believe the caterpillar folk tale -- maybe he was just having an off year. :)

  6. It has been a wacky winter for sure! I hate, hate, hate when I drop an egg, I feel like I'm betraying the chickens! LOL!!

  7. Hey, everybody! Just stopped by and it's so great to see all these comments. In fact, it's probably the best part of blogging!

    Madge: I hear you re: weather forecasters. I wish I could be so inaccurate at my job!

    Tanya: Nah, I think they were all in cahoots together.

    Lisa: LOL. You're so punny!

    Teresa: I'm going to be posting some info from last night's class that I think will knock your socks off. I was probably sitting there with my mouth wide open at the shock of what they were saying. Food Not Lawns is based off of a book by the same name by Heather C. Flores. You can buy it off Amazon. If you're not in KC, there are FNL chapters all over the place, so you might check and see if there's one local on their website at foodnotlawns.com.

    Nancy: Well, he's 1 for 2 in the last 2 years, which isn't a great track record. Does that mean he got a C in weather forecasting in their little caterpillar school? lol

    Candy: I DO feel guilty. That poor chicken went to all the effort to squeeze that thing out, do her touchdown dance afterward, and then I go and clumsily drop it. It would be like baking a beautiful, perfect chocolate cake and then your hubby knocks it off the counter. Ugh!

  8. Ha! I'm kind of tickled he was a liar. Nice surprise!

  9. It's been a strange winter for us too. They let you have chickens in the city?! That's cool!


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