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Dust Down a Country Road

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Anybody else crazy in love with barns like me?  I'd love to have a place with an old barn - not the shiny metal monstrosity that we have currently.  Something about the creaking of the wood and the sun shining throught the cracks of the boards.  It almost feels like time has stopped when you enter a barn.  I guess I am old school.

This barn isn't that old, but I still find it charming with its fresh coat of white paint and red roof.  Might I suggest a little John Hiatt to guide you on today's barn tour?

Like dust down a country road
Blowing in the wind
Behind an old truck load
Up before the rooster crowed
There's an old dog staring
At the dust down a country road

-- "Dust Down a Country Road" by John Hiatt (click to listen)


  1. wow, what a great barn & fence. i'm curious are those really doors on the side or just look like it for decoration purposes? so neat looking. (:

  2. Love this charming barn! It has some white lights around the roof line!!

  3. Welcome to Barn Charm!

    Yes, yes, I'm definitely in love w/ old barns! I just love shooting them!
    You've certainly found a beauty w/ this barn... love it & that fence really adds to the charm! =0

    Thank you so much for joining in & linking up to this week's Barn Charm!

    did you know that word verif in turned on? won't you consider turning it off? if you're not sure how, i can help if you'd like. thank you

  4. Thanks, Beth, and welcome! I was wondering the same thing about that so I snuck closer. Unfortunately, they aren't doors but it's still neat that they took the time to make them look like doors. Really a neat building.

  5. Pix: Oh, you noticed that also? I didn't see those until I was editing the picture. I should go back and see what it looks like at night!

  6. Tricia: Thanks for the welcome and for stopping by. And for reminding me that word verification was turned on on here. I haven't had any problems leaving comments on anyone else's blog but I certainly don't want anyone to have trouble talking to me on here. Now if I could just get threaded comments to work...

  7. Thanks, Tatiana! I wish it were mine...

  8. Great looking barn! I love your fence shot, too!

  9. that's a great looking barn and i'd like to see it at night with the lights lit!

  10. Oh, wow, thanks for the song...I love some of John Hiatt's stuff...and this would be one. I love Buffalo River home...love the lines in it that says "now there's only two things in life but I forget what they are".....

  11. What a great barn and the fence is great too

  12. I love old barns too...we have loads of them in Pa. This one looks very well cared for! Love the old rustic fence too! Thanks for joining FF

  13. HeyBJK: Thanks! It looks like that fence could go on forever, doesn't it?

    Tanya: me too! I'm going to go drive by at night and see if they have it all lit up.

  14. Rose: We saw John unplugged with Lyle Lovett last fall and it was an incredible show. John is always awesome - he blew the doors off the last place we saw him at. And Lyle Lovett's voice is so clear in person that I cried. They are both true American songwriting legends. If you get a chance to see them in person, take it.

  15. Riet: Thanks and glad you stopped by!

    Jan n Jer: I've heard you have some fantastic old barns up there in PA. I'd love to take a roadtrip through Madison County, IL and then up to PA and the northeast. Just cruise the backroads and take some pictures. Kind of like Clint Eastwood in Bridges of Madison County. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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