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New Garden Arrivals

Monday, March 12, 2012

This weekend brought several much-anticipated arrivals for the Farm.  First, my Baker Creek seed order showed up on Saturday.  These are our squash, beans, and sunflower that we'll be planting for the first time this year.  Included in the package was the cutest "thank you" note with a picture of their daughter with a HUGE squash.  I thought that was just adorable and a very nice touch.  They also sent along a free package of red lettuce seed so I'll need to find some space for that somewhere. 

And, finally, a catalog for their Spring Planting Festival on May 6th and 7th.  I know I've mentioned before that J. and I were going to make a vacation of that, since Baker Creek is just a couple of hours south of us.  Althought I may have procrastinated too much by now and we won't be able to find a place to stay in town.  If you're going to the Festival, I'd love to meet up with you - leave me a comment.

Roma tomato seedlings reaching for the sun.

The second new arrival is the seedlings from all the indoor planting I did last weekend!  We're right at 1 week and the Roma tomatoes are going nuts!  I had them sitting in our parlor about 5 feet from the front door and they are growing toward the light like crazy.  I think every single seed I planted has come up.

I did an experiment this year and planted new beefsteak tomato seeds AND seeds from last year that were left over from the initial planting (not harvested from my tomatoes). I was just curious if the older seeds would germinate or not.  As of right now, the new seedlings are coming up at a rate of about 10 to 1 of the old seeds.  Not a great turnout.  I really did think the older seeds would sprout more than that.

The Calwonder and Big Red peppers are a little slower than the tomatoes and are just now starting to peek out from under their dirt blanket.  So everything went under the grow lights last night to keep those tomatoes from getting any more leggy than they already are.

Daffodils are up and blooming.  Birds are chirping outside my window right now (even if it is zero dark thirty because of daylight savings).  After a rainy, dreary day yesterday, today is going to be 70 and sunny.  A perfect Spring day to get out and enjoy!

Did you plant anything indoors?  How's it doing? 

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  1. I bet you are getting so excited, I know I am!

  2. Wow. You've been busy this week. I love Baker Creek. I got most of my seeds from them last year. I am surprised about the extremely low rate of germination of your old tomato seed vs. the new seed. Same varieties? It was smart to try it and see while it's still early. Your garden sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your next post. Have a productive week ahead.


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