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Pharm Prepping

Monday, June 18, 2012

Heads up for anyone who's a doomer, prepper, homesteader or just like being prepared.  J. and I were in Walmart over the weekend and they had a huge bin of stuff from the pharmacy for just 88 cents each.  This isn't "close to expiring" stuff either.  Most of it expires in 2014. 

As you can see, I couldn't resist picking up some things to augment our own medicine cabinet.  Who wants to head to the local CVS and Walgreens when you're sick?  I'd rather have it available.

That NiteTime stuff is the equivalent of Vicks NyQuil, which is a godsend if you've got a bad chest or head cold.  Knocks you out until you're over it.  And the Allergy Relief is cetirizine, which is the same thing as Zyrtec.  I take that little white pill every day to make my allergies bearable, and I'd much rather pay 88 cents than $17.99.  We dug through the whole bin and only found the 3 of these, unfortunately.  Otherwise, I would have had a whole cart full of it.

Tussin is the equivalent of Robitussin, which sells for about $4.00 a bottle, and the Mucus Relief is 400 mg guafenisin.  Best snotbuster on earth and the main ingredient in Mucinex.  Again, if you have a bad sinus of chest congestion, it's just the ticket to get it broken up and out.

Overall, this was a pretty awesome score.  Our farm's pharm is now well stocked and we used the leftover budget for a new addition to the family yesterday.  I'll be posting pictures later.  But for now...a hint....it's BIG and green.  *big smile*

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