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On This First Day of Summer

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What better way to celebrate the first day of summer than a turn around the garden to see what's growing on.  I mean "going" on.  LOL.

While the onions are harvested and the onions are pulled, the potatoes are flowering and setting fruit.  It's so windy that I couldn't get a non-blurry picture of their beautiful flowers for you. 

But I did manage to snag some pics of the slower moving veggies and fruits.

J. can't wait to get his teeth on one of those heirloom Cherokee Purples.  And I can't wait to see their beautiful color as they start to ripen.  Purple tomatoes! 

Next up we have some more greenery from the peppers and jalapenos. 

That naughty lettuce may get taken off my naughty list if I can harvest some seed from it.  I'll be posting about how to do that in the next week or so. 

The next picture, I am SOOO excited about it.  Somehow, overnight, the first spaghetti squash showed up and it's almost 5 inches long already!  How does it grow that fast??!!  I mean, there's no way I just overlooked it for a couple of days because it's growing on the trellis and it's right at eye height.  It amazes me sometimes how quick the garden grows when it takes off.

We have very few Romas and I'm afraid now that I didn't plant enough of them to get a decent harvest.  I really wanted to can up a bunch of tomato paste and sauce.  I guess I will be visiting the farmer's market if we don't get enough.

Let's see...what else is going on?  The Early Girl tomatoes are gigantic monsters and fell over in the wind yesterday evening.  We haven't pruned the suckers off these in the past couple of years but I think I will do that next year to see if I can keep them to a manageable size.  We had to stake them with T-posts to keep them upright and off the watermelons, which are just starting to vine. 

And the cucumbers have blooms on them and they're starting to wind their way up the trellis.

It almost hit 100 a couple of days ago but we have rain possibly coming tonight and a day of respite coming after that with a forecasted high of just 88.  JUST 88.  Funny that I can say that now, because 88 if pretty darn hot, actually.

What's going on in your world on the first day of summer?

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  1. Looks like hings are going very well in your garden! June is a wonderful month isn't it?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Beth. I usually love June. But it's been so darn hot that I'm afraid we're going to be roasting at 114 come late July and early August. Let's all cross our fingers that I'm wrong!

  2. Your garden is way ahead of ours! It makes my mouth water seeing your young fruits on the vines!! Wouldn't you like to set up a camera sometimes to see just how those fruits can grow that fast. We experience that with cucumbers every year..."how did I miss so many?" Fun to see your moving garden, would love it if you would share with Farm Fresh Friday this week!! Have a great evening!

    1. We got really lucky with the very early spring this year and got our garden out about a month ahead of time. So everyone is jealous that we've got ripe tomatoes already. :-)

      Thanks for the invitation to Farm Fresh Friday. I'll definitely stop by.

  3. Ahh, I've got blossoms, but no fruit yet on our tomatoes - and we're drowning in rain here in the Willamette Valley, so I don't think we'll see them too soon. :-) I'll have to live vicariously through you. ;-)


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