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Daily Dose of Cute: Chicks!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Before we get to the cuteness, I just have to ask:  why don't I have one of these?  Okay, so they start at $650 which is way out of my budget.  But darnit...they are adorable!  Who wouldn't want one of these as a stylish addition to their living room?  *sigh*

Oh well... on to the cute!  My friend Paula's daughter Amanda recently got some new additions to their household, courtesy of MyPetChicken.com.  These little girls are various shades of bantam chicks and 100% adorable.  Just ask Stormy the Catahoola, who would spend all day watching them if her mom would let her.

The really funny thing about these chicks is that they would jump up about 3 or 4 inches when the flash went off, causing me to affectionaly start referring to them as "popcorn chickens".  Hahahaha...  I know, that's really bad.

Anyhoo, prepare to be cuted and don't forget to click to biggify the pictures.

The little lavender chick in the forefront is Amadeus.  This poor little chick had a seizure over the weekend and passed away much too early.  Amanda (and all of us) are heartbroken and she lovingly buried Amadeus in the backyard.  Good bye, sweet chick.  Unfortunately, seizures in banties are more common than you think.

If only I had room for some cute little chicks here on the farm!  I guess I will have to live vicariously for awhile.  They are cute, aren't they?

Have a good one,

I've linked these precious little fluffy butts up to this week's Rural Thursday hop.


  1. Love the footstool but it is a little pricey. I love your cute fluffy photos. B

  2. Nothing much cuter than a baby chick.

    Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays! xoxo


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