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Still Made In America

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DISCLAIMER:  I wasn't asked to write this and I didn't receive any payment for this post.  I just think this product is darn cool.  But now that I think about it: if anyone would like to pay me, I'd be happy to send along my pertinents.  :-)
It seems that just about everything you pick up in the stores nowadays has "Made in *some other place*" stamped on it.  Usually it's made in China, Taiwan or Mexico.  I always try to find products that are still made in the good ol' USA even if they are slightly higher in price - that's usually because they are higher in quality as well. 
I'd rather pay more for a product now than have to spend more later replacing it 2 or 3 times.  Wouldn't you?
So I was thrilled when I received a package today from The Deliberate Agrarian, as I've been waiting with baited breath for 3 years while he perfected his clothespin design.  You see, there are NO American-made clothespins any more.  I have searched high and low, only to find out that the last American clothespin was made in the late 2000's.  That's probably due to more folks using their dryers than hanging out their clothes.  I'll admit - I'm one of those people.  That is, I was until I got serious about this "save energy and go solar" kick.
I have really have fond memories of hanging out the sheets to dry with my grandmother in the sunshine.  It was fun to spend time with her and the clothes always smelled so fresh when we brought them in.  The minute she went inside, we kids were playing hide n' go seek or tag and running through the irresistible clothesline.  The sheets made a great place to hide behind.  You just better hope grandma didn't see you or you'd get yelled at.  Get away from that clothesline!
So back to my package:  it contained the set of pins that I'd ordered a few weeks before.  Aren't they beauties?
If you want to support an American homegrown company and pick up some of your own pins, you've got 4 options:
Buy assembled clothespins for $2.00 per pin
I opted for the second option, as it's really not hard to assemble these and they come with instructions and everything you need.  The 4th option above is for hardcore woodworkers, obviously, but if you've got a handy hubby with the right tools that might be the right way to go.  It'd keep him in the woodshop and out of your hair, I guess!
I'd recommend you bookmark The Deliberate Agrarian's blog and spend some time browsing around.  He's an interesting guy with some interesting ideas on agriculture and history and an inventor's mind.  You can read all about the hoe, composter, fruit press and other items that he's invented\built.  He meets my definition of what an American is.
I wish this guy was our neighbor.
Til later,

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  1. I love Herrick Kimball's thoughts and writings. Very cool about the clothes pins!


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