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Mega-List of Heirloom Seed Suppliers

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Where have I been the past couple of days? 
Knee-deep and wading through this gigantic list of sources for heirloom seeds that I found over at Off-Grind.info. (If you're  not sure what "heirloom" means, click here to find out).  If you're an organic grower or heirloom variety nut like me, then you'll definitely want to check this out.
When I started going through the list, it only had 100 entries and now it's up to 230 suppliers from the US, Canada and all over the world!  Sorted by state, it's easy to see if there are any close to you.  I guess I'm kind of amazed that there aren't more listed in Missouri or Kansas.
There are so many different "undiscovered" varieties of veggies that many of us have never tried before. And some of them have been lost over time because no one was actively saving seeds from those plants.  So I'm so glad to see this list of seed savers is growing.
This year, J. wants to try growing some beets and I'm looking at the variety called Early Wonder from Baker Creek Seeds.  It dates back to before 1811 and is a full-bodied beet that is supposed to be perfect for pickling, which is what J. wants to do with them.  Should be a fun learning experience because I hadn't even tried a beet in my life until about a week ago.
  Can you believe that?
How about you? 
Are you going to try out any heirloom varieties in your garden this year? 

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  1. I absolutely detested beets...until we grew and pickled our own. I'll eat them straight out of the jar now. In fact, I've got a quart in the fridge...mmmm...nom...nom!


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