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Veggies and a Job Offer

Friday, July 06, 2012

I'm getting tired of how hot it is (105 AGAIN today!) and tired of writing about it also, so why don't we take a quick stroll through the garden and see what's up?

I'm still picking off dried flowers from the lettuce plants and I not have quite alot of lettuce seeds.  The beans are still green so I'm waiting for them to dry up so that I can finish harvesting their seeds.

But, in the meantime, here's a beautiful spaghetti squash that we just picked!

Alas, it will be our only one because of some pesky pests that I'll be posting about tomorrow.  I'll also be posting about how we prepare this bad boy.  Can't wait to try it and see if actually taste like spaghetti.

Our jalapenos are finally producing and I'm sure they are loving this hot, dry weather.  And, as I was poking around in the beds after mowing yesterday, I discovered this teeny, tiny little sugar baby watermelon.  Isn't it adorable?  A hearty thanks for my handsome hand model, J. for posing in this shot.

Finally, we come to the Roma tomatoes that are absolutely covered with fruit.  They seem smaller, though, than the romas that you would buy in the store, though.  Perhaps because they are an organic variety?  I think the one thing I've learned is that you probably have to plant a ton of romas in order to get enough to can.   That's just one thing I've learned from my garden this year - both good and bad. 

Yesterday as I was watering the strawberry plants, I heard some squealing that I swear sounded like some more rabbit kits.  Despite searching all over, I couldn't find them but I know they are somewhere in our yard.  Seems I can't grow squash very well this year, but I sure can grow rabbits!

And, last but not least....I did get that job offer that I mentioned earlier.  It would have been a step up in my career and would have looked great on my resume, but I would have had to drive an extra 25 minutes each way.  It also would have been a decent raise but, after taxes and the additional gas and wear and tear on the Jeep, it really would have meant only about $3500 per year.   The older I get, the more protective I am of my time and it means more to me than money.  So, after I talked with my current boss and his boss, they convinced me to stay after we discussed some really exciting changes that are coming and some opportunities that are opening up.   

So a bunch of us celebrated my decision to stay with this:

That's the Houlihan's Fruit Jar Punch that I've been wanting to try ever since I saw that it's served in a canning jar.  I didn't even know that Ball made jars in a 1/2 gallon size and now I must have one!

This concoction tasted deceptively like non-alcoholic pink lemonade:  fresh strawberries, fresh lemon juice, Thatcher's Blood Orange Liqueur and Cruzan Strawberry Rum.  Yum!  Served in a 1/2 gallon Ball jar as a pitcher with smaller pint jars as glasses.  I say why bother with pouring?  That's my straw on the right. 

And, yes, I did feel a bit woozy after that.

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  1. First, Congrats on the job offer, and the retention at your old office (I think!) ... second, that's a gorgeous spaghetti squash and it will be interesting to see if you think it tastes like spaghetti (I've grown them). You can never have enough Roma tomatoes. Our jalapenos are JUST now forming, how did you do it????

    1. Thanks, Mary Ann. We have a whole TWO teeny jalapenos, so don't think we're over here rolling in salsa or anything. :-)

  2. CP. Congrats on the job retention. I just bought my first spaghetti squash, from the peach stand I went to a couple of weeks ago. I haven't cooked it yet. I am looking forward to what you do with yours.

    1. Hi, DFW. I wonder how long these squash last? I need to do some research on that. To tell you the truth, we're waiting to roast it until early next week when the temperatures drop to the 80s. It's supposed to be 107 today and there is no way I'm turning on the oven.

  3. The job offer must have been a boost to your ego -- how smart you are to figure out the financial gain (or lack of it) and use it to your advantage on your current job. Well done!

    Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week. xo

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Nancy. It's nice to know that you're appreciated at your job. Sometimes bosses forget to tell folks that, although I always try to let my employees know when they're doing a great job. I'm glad to have the whole thing over with honestly. I love my job and didn't want to leave - the opportunity just dropped into my lap and it was worth exploring. But how could I lose an hour a day? As it is, I need about 10 more! :-)

    2. Please help. What's the ration for the ingredients for the punch??

    3. Ehem ratio* my best friend turns 23 tomorrow and this drink is her favorite. I'm not alcohol savvy and can't figure out how to get it to taste how good it did at the restaurant.

  4. Congratulations on the job offer! And I am with you, I am so tiered of 100 plus weather, lol!

  5. Mmmm, that strawberry punch sounds refreshing for this dreadfully hot weather!! I haven't had spaghetti squash for so long, I forgot what it tastes like. I'll be looking for that this fall. Thanks for sharing with us at Farm Fresh Friday - try to stay cool now! (Our daughter made it back home to K.C. and said her lawn is toast!)


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