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The Coming Storm

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Driving home from Home Depot about an hour ago, I blinked just as lightning lit up the sky.  Have you ever had that happen?  I wasn't sure if it was my blinking that made me see things or if actually was lightning.  Luckily, J. was there to set me straight.  

So we drove home with heat lightning brightening the night sky and rumbles of distant thunder bringing the promise of rain in the air. Watching the white lines click by on I-70, I pretend that it is a fireworks show just for the two of us.  And I think about how this coming storm is perhaps a metaphor for what is happening to our Republic right now.  Spits of rain had started to fall when we finally fell in the back door, greeted by our furry children, and worn out from the heat of the day.

We spent today watering animals and plants, doing the shopping, getting haircuts, and running down parts for FrankenNine.  FrankenNine is our late 40's Ford 9N tractor with an 8N motor.  She was our first tractor and the only one that we could afford at the time.  Like most early tractors, she is a workhorse and very rarely complains.  But last summer, she just wouldn't start no matter what we tried and she is definitely showing her age.  I put a little lipstick on her in the form of sanding down and re-painting her hood in Ford grey and plan on doing some more cosmetic works.  She's also got a new battery and carburetor.  The latter having done the trick, she roared to life and is now purring like a new kitten.

But it's time for FrankenNine to find a new home with someone who will love her as much as we have.  The stable is now full of shiny, newer John Deeres and there is no room at the inn for her any more.  So we've hauled her back from the farm so that we can spruce her up.  If you know anyone who's looking for a nice hobby tractor, send 'em our way.  We've got a 4' brush hog that we'd be willing to send with it as well.  I thought I had pictures but I can't find them now to save my life. 

One more story before I drag myself to bed.  We had dinner out tonight and, when we left the restaurant, J. happened to spot something under the Jeep.  I had already gotten in and turned on the engine when I heard him yell.  He was looking at the back bumper, and I thought someone had hit us in the parking lot.  So I was surprised to see a pigeon under the back wheel.  Apparently the poor thing had either gotten hit by a car or flown into one because he couldn't fly and one of his legs appeared to be broken.  I am so grateful that J. saw him because I would have been devastated if I had run over the poor bird.  What I really wanted to do was scoop him up and try to nurse him back to health.  But J. convinced me to let him coax the bird out and onto a safe place on the grass.  So we drove off and just left him there and obviously it's still bothering me.  I am such a softie for animals.  Did we do the right thing?

I can barely keep my eyes open, so I am off to bed.  Til tomorrow,

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  1. First of all what a beautiful antique tractor.....we hardly have room for it on our lil homestead but I hope some one has use for it! We probably would not have tried to nurse that bird back to health its not quite like on of your chickens you know but I have friends who would try. Basically you set the bird off in the grass to die in dignity I have done that before when I have seen an injured bird on the road. I have blinked and wondered if it was me or lighting before ha ha LOL! thanks so much for linking up this week to "The Ole' Saturday Homesteading Trading Post".

    1. Oh, goodness! Are you sure you can't use poor little FrankenNine? She sure does need a home. :-) I guess she is going to end up on Craigslist. Thanks for hosting the hop and for stopping by to say hello!

  2. It's hard to know what to do in those
    The tractor is cool--hope you find a home for it.

    I was hoping we'd get some rain but---no not one drop. :(

    Have a great Sunday!


    1. Hi, Melinda! Well, as it turns out, we didn't get much rain either. Nothing more than those spits anyway. Thanks for stopping by.


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