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Strip Around the Block

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Okay, how many of you thought about streaking in college when you read that title? C'mon...fess up!

Actually, "Strip Around the Block" is the name of the pattern that I'll be using for my first quilt: "Strip Around the Block". It looks like it's pretty easy but what do I know? I'm a newbie. At first I chickened out and planned on making the crib quilt rather than trying to tackle a queen-size but then I thought..."hey, what if this is the last one you make? Might as well make it count." As if this will be the last one. Ha! I am so hooked! And I haven't even sewn a stitch yet.

After work I headed to Hancock Fabrics to try to find a couple more light fabrics to finish out the 12 that I need for the pattern. And, in typical Cranky Puppy form, I found some other fabric that I couldn't live without.   The one on the left makes me think of vintage crocheted doilies.

More fleur de lis! As I mentioned in my earlier post, our house is full or fleur de lis so this is perfect.

And check these out with the tiny flowers and the gardening terms.

Cucurbita Maxima!  On fabric!  How can I NOT use this one?
I'm already having a really hard time deciding which fabrics to use, because I love them all. I may have to go rogue in the class and use them all.  By the way, J. thought I should use either flannel or fur.  He's such a guy.

Work was crazy today so it was great to come home to a house that smelled so yummy. J. had made homemade steak soup and it was absolutely delish.  I'm so spoiled having a man that can cook. 

I'm up way too late tonight working on this post and looking at chicken cams and old fashioned egg cartons. Time for me to hit the sack. I'll be back tomorrow to talk about seeds and garden planning.



p.s.  Forgot to mention that I sold another dozen eggs today to my friend Karen at work.  Thanks, Karen!


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