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Rant Warning: The FDA is Out of Control

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If milk prices keep going up, I'm getting one of these.  Kansas City codes be damned!

I promised that I would try and keep politics out of my posts on this blog, and that's difficult because I have some pretty strong opinions about our current administration and what they're doing to our beloved country.  What brought me to the keyboard was this story about the FDA's completely idiotic vendetta against an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania.  How much taxpayer money was wasted going after a peaceful farmer and his customers who were WILLINGLY buying raw milk from his farm?  We have lost sovereign control over our own bodies and what we choose to put in them.  They have run this poor man literally out of business.

And then I read this story about a little girl who was told that the school  lunch that her grandmother had lovingly packed for her wasn't "nutritious enough", so they took it away from her and gave her....chicken nuggets!  Processed chicken packed with hormones and preservatives - that's more nutritious than a turkey and cheese sandwich??!!  And where the heck does the state government get the power to determine whether what a parent is feeding a child is "up to standards"?

It's sickening what's happening, guys.  We CAN change this, though.  Grow your own.  Support local farmer's markets.  Get out and vote and throw these crazy overreaching, control-hungry people out of power.

That's right, I'm one

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  1. I hear ya! Makes me so sad and mad at the same time! So many of us are trying to do the healthy, right thing and our choices are being forcibly take away!


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