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Report from the Lawn and Garden Show

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A trio of gorgeous orchids.  I can grow veggies, but not these pretties!

Paula and I spent pretty much the entire day at the Lawn and Garden\Remodeling show today.  Lots of stuff to see, so I'll just give you the highlights here.

Operation Wildlife was there with several beautiful birds that they have rescued.  It's always a great time getting to see these birds up close and learning their stories.  If you're not familiar with Operation Wildlife, they're a publicly funded wildlife clinic that provides rehabilitation for injured or orphaned wild aminals in northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri.   They receive NO state or federal funding and rely solely on donations from the public.  Definitely a worthy cause.  If you'd like to learn more about or donate to them, visit their website.

Screech, a Red Screech Owl.  This little guy is only about 11 inches tall and was so close that we could have reached out and petted him. 

Beautiful peregrine falcon rescued after it was hit by a car.    I think her name was Mora(?)

Cranky Puppy on a New DIY Show? 

And, of course, THE event at the show was getting to hear Ahmed Hassan from HGTV's "Yard Crashers" speak.  I've met several celebrities in my time and Ahmed was probably the most engaging, down-to-earth celeb so far (although Emeril Lagasse is up there as well).  He kept the crowd going for 45 minutes and then spent another hour talking to folks, posing for pictures, and signing autographs.  Don't tell J., but both Paula and I got a hug from Ahmed.

His wildly successful show has resulted in several spin-offs, including House Crashers, Bathroom Crashers and Kitchen Crashers.  So I couldn't resist pitching him an idea for a new show. 

Whadda ya think?  I'd watch it.  Turns out Ahmed has been working on his own chicken coop at home.  Hey, HGTV or DIY producers:  if you need a designer, have your people call my people.  M'kay?


  1. Interesting that you liked the Flower show. We went the last three years, and it was so disappointing all three that we passed this year. I love Ahmed, he would have been the ONLY reason we went. Interesting that you spent the whole day there! The old flower, lawn and garden show at Bartle WAS a real gardening show.

    I love the show idea, though!

  2. Hi, Mary Ann! It had been a couple of years since I'd gone to any of the remodeling\gardening shows so I thought I would try it out again. The remodeling show was terrible - just a huge bunch of companies\vendors. I wish they would do demos. The lawn and garden show was more interesting, but I wouldn't say it was a rip-snorting good time. Ahmed was definitely the highlight of the show.


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