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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Sunday, August 05, 2012

First off, I want to thank everyone for all the hilarious entries in my "How Hot Is It?" contest and extend a hearty welcome to my new followers.  Welcome!

Kinda scary that I said I would run the contest until the heat broke - I randomly picked yesterday as the day that would happen and guess what?  It worked!  The highs were in the 80's today instead of the 100's!  I think I need to go play the lottery.

But I digress...

I hope you all had fun coming up with some creative ways to end the phrase "It's so hot that _____."  J. and I certainly were chuckling over them.  You guys are quite the creative bunch!  It was so hard to pick a winner, so I thought I would narrow it down a bit.  Here are the top 4 in the order they were submitted:

It's so hot that you can fry an egg on my forehead
--Submitted by Mami2jcn

It's so hot that my sweat started sweating
--Submitted by Mami2jcn

It's so hot that Satan decided to take a 'staycation'.
--Submitted by Lisa Lynn

It's so hot that I have to drink coffee just to cool off.
--Submitted by Mami2jcn

Pretty creative, huh?  After much cogitation and a little too much beer, I'm having such a hard time deciding that I'm declaring both Mami2jcn and Lisa Lynn to be winners.  Ladies, please leave a comment or email me (the link is in the upper right) within 48 hours of this post and give me your email address so that I can get your Amazon gift card zinging across the Interwebs to you.

G'night, everyone!


  1. Thanks so much! I had fun with this contest!

    I just emailed you.

  2. Thanks Cranky Puppy :) I'm honored that you liked my submission! I'll email you in a minute.
    Thanks again!

  3. Congrats, ladies! I'll be sending those Amazon GC's your way later today.


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