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They're So Fluffy! (CUTENESS ALERT)

Friday, March 15, 2013

The new residents over at the local Tractor Supply are quite over-the-top adorable, aren't they?

We did actually have a reason to stop in last night other than just to "ooo" and "aahh" over the sweet little chicks.  Every time we go out to water the chickens, Henrietta's water bowl is low or almost empty.  J. and I have been thinking that she must be the thirstiest hen in the world.  But on further inspection yesterday, we found a tiny little pin-size hole in the bottom of the pan that we had been using - it was an old pan that came along as a "freebie" in a box of stuff that I bought at an auction.  Problem solved:  the water had been slowly draining out.  So off to TS we went to find her a new one. 

That is...after J. was able to pry me away from the little chicks.

And the ducklings.  Aaah!

And more chicks.

I want one!

I'm operating on cute overload right now.

BTW, Henrietta is one spoiled pet chicken.  New water bowl and, last weekend, we bought her a newer, bigger enclosure.  With a real gate and everything!  Very uptown.....  We may put that together tonight, so I'll post pics.

It's going to be a balmy 75 degrees today and I'm taking the afternoon off to bask in the sun while I can.  And maybe get some prep work done in the garden while I'm at it.  *wink*

Ta ta til later,

I've shared this as part of this week's Farm Girl Blog Fest. You might wanna check it out!

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  1. Awww, I always go look at the chicks at my local hardware store too. They haven't ever had ducks though.


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