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Sams Club for Zombie Apocalypse Preps?

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

J.'s brother is a mail carrier and this guy looks a little bit too much like him.  Yikes!
Have you watched too many Walking Dead episodes (like me) are convinced that the zombie apocalypse can happen at any time? 
Well, Sams and Costco are the places to get prepped for that kind of event.  Where else can you buys mountains of toilet paper, beans, and cheese puffs?  The only thing they don't have is ammo.  So I've been keeping an eye out for a good deal on memberships and I've finally found one for Sam's Club.
Spend $45 and get a 1-year Advantage membership
$20 gift card (good at Sams or Walmart)
+ $20 in vouchers for free 16" pizza, rotisserie chicken and 24 Artisan cookies
= a 1-year membership for just $5.00!
If you're already a member, you can still take advantage of this because you don't have to activate your membership until June 18th.  If your membership is expiring sometime between now and then, it's a great deal for renewal (you have to switch it to a family member that doesn't have a current membership, though, as this is valid only for new members).
This deal is only available through tomorrow night (March 7th), so you have to act fast if you want it.
To view details or sign up, use this link:
Completely Self-Serving Disclaimer: If 3 people sign up for the deal through my referral link above, I get my Sam's membership for free.  So I'm hoping that someone needs a good deal on a Sams membership and wouldn't mind helping me out by using the link.  Whether you use my link or not, it's still a great deal to get a Sams membership for just $5!
By the way...you know what would really scare the heck out of me?  Zombie chickens.
Think about it.


  1. Great deal! Thanks for the heads up!

    And...Zombie chickens? Why must you give me nightmares! I mean, really?!

    I do wonder though, why the Zombie-ness has not affected any of the animals in the Walking Dead. That sh&* would be absolutely terrifying!!! Maybe the writers will head in that direction...our characters seem to be getting bored with killing Zombie Humans ;-)

  2. We don't have TV but I just found out we're getting a Sam's Club on the other side of town. Not sure when it will open. How long is that offer good for???


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