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Want a Virus With That?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Did you see this?  "Regulators Discover a Hidden Virus Gene in GMOs".   For a more readable non-scientific breakdown, try the CleanFoodEarth blog.  Yikes!  Seems Monsanto and DuPont are using the Cauliflower Mosaic Virus promoter gene in the GMO corn, maize and other crops that are grown by farmers for consumption by humans and livestock.

Gene VI 's role is to suppress normal anti-pathogen capabilities, so one must wonder:  Does it have the same effect in anyone who eats GMOs containing Gene IV?  That researchers don't know is a scary thing to me.  With the increase in cancer, inflammatory disease, etc., one must wonder if there is a direct correlation with eating GMOs and the introduction of a known pathogen into our bodies (or could it possibly be triggering the body to produce new proteins or toxins to combat it?)  As we know, the body's response to unknown substances is inflammation and illness.

And how about....

  • How is it that the FDA can ban folks from consuming raw milk, but they are fine with allowing these genetically-tampered-with foods on the market with no regulation or research to ascertain their safety?
  • Even worse...why are foods with GMOs not required to be labelled as such here in the U.S. when they are in Europe? 
  • If GMOs have such great benefits, why aren't the producers proud to label their products as containing GMOs?  Why are so many big companies spending millions of dollars in an attempt to keep them unlabelled? That's right.  How about Nestle, Kelloggs, Ocean Spray, ConAgra, Dole, Campbells, Godiva, Coca-Cola, Bayer, Bumble Bee, Hormel and many, many more?

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Here's a great music video that breaks down the GMO issue in a rather catchy, tap-your-foot kinda way:

This kind of tampering with our food supply is the reason why J. and I started gardening and raising chickens. I have been convined for years that the high cancer rates are related to the crap that we're eating. Eating organic is the only way to know at this point what you're putting in your mouth.

If this is of concern to you, I'd encourage you to consider joining the fight to get Congress to require labelling of GMO products at JustLabelIt.org. No more hiding in the shadows...


  1. It's criminal what "they" are doing to our food supply! THIS is why I started my own heirloom seed shop. I was just reading this article the other day, disgusted!
    Thanks for sharing and Happy Tuesday!

    1. Mary, that is so cool! I found your shop over at http://marysheirloomseeds.com/ and have flagged it for when I have time to actually browse at my leisure. I am always looking for source for heirloom seeds.

  2. This post gives a lot to think about... but I will tell you that my sister who developed peritoneal cancer watched every single thing she ate, did not smoke, etc. etc. etc. and still got it... so I just don't know where the answer lies.

    1. I wish we did know what caused cancer. It's not just the food - it's also all the crap in our environment, the overuse of antibiotics and, to some exent, genetics. I'm not a scientist, but it certainly seems like the number of illnesses are escalating. Let's hope we see a cure in our lifetime.


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