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This blog belongs to two Gen X-er's smackdab in downtown Kansas City where we've been renovating and decorating two old Victorians built in the 1890's. Our life is filled with 3 demanding Pomeranians (1 of them cranky, of course), honking cars, noisy neighbors and the hustle and bustle of city life but we dream of the day when we can move to our 40-acre farm and hear nothing but the wind and the cows next door. Until then, we're chronicling our triumphs and mishaps here as we try to garden and preserve on 2 city lots, raise chickens, and learn all those things we should have learned from our grandparents. Welcome to our world - we hope you'll stay awhile!

From Scratch

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just contemplating some things that I've discovered on the great wide Net this morning.  Two days ago I was enjoying cereal on the back deck in shorts and T-shirt.  This morning? Not so much, since it's a whole 24 balmy degrees outside.

Are you a modern homesteader?

Anway.....the first thing I wanted to share is a brand--spanking-new FREE online magazine called From Scratch that you can sign up for via email.  I just flipped through the first edition and it is chock full of information on chickens, alpacas, goats, gardening, homesteading, spinning and other homesteading topics.  The pictures are breathtaking.  And the really neat thing about this is that you (yes, you!) can submit articles and pictures to be included.  It's a real grass roots effort to advance and support the idea of modern day homesteaders.

The magazine describes itself as:

"From Scratch is a magazine for the people who raise chickens in their backyard, make their own bread, use a sewing machine, plant a garden.  They are canners, DIY'ers, fence builders. Modern day pioneers who have removed themselves from the rat race. They wear boots and jeans.  They love beautifully handmade things. They enjoy good music, good food, and good books. They are the modern homesteader."

If that describes you to a T, as it does me, you should check it out.

Got potatoes?

And for you local Kansas City homesteaders and gardeners, please read on:

I thought I had found out about this too late to get in on the deal, but apparently it's NOT too late to get in on the bulk seed potato order that CultivateKC puts in every year (even though the deadline has passed).  I've fired off an email to Ami Freeman over there to find out if there's a minimum on the order, so let me know if you're interested in the outcome of that conversation.  Christine's got the list of what's still available over at The Deadly Nightshade and click here you can find out more about the order process.

Stay warm, my friends.  Old Man Winter's days are numbered....


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