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Falling Back

Monday, November 05, 2012

My grandmother used to say "time waits for no one" and, being the wise woman she was, she was right.  Yesterday was the day we set our clocks back and get an extra hour of sleep.  While the extra hour is great, am I the only one that hates the time change?  It's now going to be dark when I get home from work!  That means no recess for the chickies or doing ANYTHING outside after work.
So I let the girls out for a looonnnng time yesterday afternoon while I did some work around the poor, neglected garden.  That's right...I fell back into gardening. 

My autumn harvest!
Note the 2 jalapenos - they are the only jalapenos we've gotten this year and J. is as happy as a witch in a broom factory over them.
Those crazy I-thought-they-were-dead-from-the-drought tomato plants are producing like made now.  The oblong tomatoes are Romas and they are literally falling off the vine.  Probably because the vines are dying now that we've had a couple of near-freezing nights.  I don't know if there's enough to do anything with or not.

These Roma plants are looking a little sad, bu tthey're dropping tomatoes like crazy.
You can see that my garden has been pretty neglected since we've been spending all our time getting the house ready to sell. 

Would somebody PLEASE mow!?
Thank goodness J. mowed right after I took this picture.  The weeds were starting to get taller than the tomato plants.  And look at those potato boxes!  I wonder if there are any taters in there or if the weeds have cannibalized them?

Can you spot the strawberries hanging on for dear life in what used to be my strawberry bed?  Actually they seem to like being insulated by all those weeds.
I would have had a couple more really nice size tomatoes but some feathered critters got to them before I could.

"It wasn't me!" says Fiona
I hope you enjoyed your turn around my forgotten Fall garden, folks.  It feels good to be back.

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  1. You're alive! Have you survived the house remodel???

    1. Hi, Mary Ann! Yes, I think we have. We've got a small little punch list that we are still working on, but I think we will make it. We've got an offer on the house, but working with the banks has been a nightmare. I need to go over and take some more "after" pictures so I can show everyone what we've been up to.

  2. Nice harvest for this late in the season. I bet those tomatoes would make a lovely marinara sauce.

    1. Hi, DFW! Weird that it's so late, huh? But the weather this year was weird in general. I guess we're lucky to have gotten anything, given the heat and the drought. Do you think there is enough there for a pot of marinara?

  3. Hey, that's what my garden looks like right now :) Although probably mine is a bit "deader" due to all the hard frosts we've had.

    How is everything going with the house? I hope you have some nice, new neighbors soon :)

    1. We're almost finished! (Yeaahhh!) Just a short list of little stuff. We've been talking with a couple of folks about the house but there's one couple that we really want to sell to. They are like-minded prepping\gardening\chicken-keeping folks. The banks are being a pain but we are not taking no for an answer!


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