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Enjoying an Indian Summer Day

Thursday, November 08, 2012

It wouldn't be Missouri without some crazy weather, so it's no surprise that we're going to be enjoying 70 degree weather the next couple of days and then have thunderstorms over the weekend and highs in the 30's at the beginning of next week.
What better way to enjoy this nice weather than to be out scratching for bugs?

Or tasty worms?

Oh, look what I found!  Mushrooms!

Never mind...that nice human is throwing out  meal worms.  Nom nom nom!

And then everyone stopped what they were doing.  I mean STOPPED DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS.  No movement whatsoever.  It was the darndest thing and I'd never see the chickens do that before.  I couldn't see or hear what made them do it, but obviously something was scaring them. 

Shhhh...don't move.  I think it's the IRS guy.
They must have stood that way for a 45 seconds.  And then it was back to scratching through the fallen leaves as if nothing ever happened.  I was probably *this close* to impending doom and would have been blissfully unaware except for my trusty chickens sounding the alert.

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  1. Oh you had me laughing I love your Barred Rocks they are the prettiest chickens there are. Great post made me smile and laugh always a great thing. B
    ps I wish I was rich too and I would do the same:)

    1. Glad I gave you a laugh this morning. I'm trying really hard to be upbeat right now. Thank goodness we have chickens to make fun of. :-)

  2. wonderful photography ~ beautiful chickens ~ great shots! ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

    1. Hey, thanks for the compliment. So glad you stopped by!

  3. Enjoy the weekend & the warm weather!

  4. It is crazy when they all stop and get quiet! We have a rooster who will make a very specific noise if something is awry and everyone stops and looks to him for further instructions :)

    Visiting from Rural Thursday. Love your blog!

  5. It does scare me when they all stop and freeze like that. Great photos of the girls!


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