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Naughty Squirrel!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I spy...

A Naughty Squirrel....

Sitting atop my squash trellis and helping himself to a late season tomato.  

Did he drop the tomato when I got closer to take his picture?  Oh no, not Naughty Squirrel.  He looked at me as if to taunt me, and then scampered down the trellis and over the fence with his prize still in his mouth.
Naughty squirrel!
Did you know that it's Squirrel Appreciation Month in October?  No?  How about the fact that squirrels are either left or right-handed?  No?  You can find out more in my next post.  And, by the way, this post is part of this week's Barn Hop.  Go check out what other folks are up to at the hop!


  1. Hey CP. Squirrels are very entertaining & destructive around here as well. They have dugs up almost all of my garlic bulbs. They don't eat them, just expose them. I keep covering them up only to find them dug up again the next day. Going to cover w/some toille(sp?) fabric today.

    1. Hey there, DFW! I wonder if they see the disturbed dirt and think it's another squirrel's nut to steal? Ours are crazy busy stashing walnuts wherever they can find space - including the tongue of one of our trailers! Imagine how disappointed yours must be when they see garlic and not a walnut. :-)

  2. Well that made me smile
    sorry about your tomatoe
    but at least he had a good dinner!!!

  3. One of my cats apparently caught and ate a squirrel today. All we found was the little nubbin of fluffy tail...

    With one cat that hunts, and our biggest dog at over 100 pounds, I don't get many creatures nibbling on my crops. Or if they do...they don't last long.

  4. Darn squirrels...they have been raiding my bird feeder. This is apparently very entertaining for hubz...because I go into a crazy old lady stomp fest to chase the thieves away :) I guess I don't share well!

  5. Oh this was just too funny! And I can't wait for your next post about left-handed squirrels! I would love for you to come share at my Farm Girl Blog Fest: http://fresh-eggs-daily.blogspot.com/2012/10/farm-girl-blog-fest-5.html


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