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Yep, We're Tree People

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Not my driveway.  At least not yet.....
Some girls want diamonds, some want a new car, some want a fancy career, and others want a good man who will settle down with them and have kids.  Me?  I've got the good man department covered.  All I want now is my mother-in-law's driveway.  That's right...I'm outright shamelessly coveting it.
You see, she's got a beautiful tree-lined drive at their place and it's something I've always wanted.  It's been on the "to do" list for our acreage for some time and, now that we are out from under the thumb of the USDA, we can actually plant some trees there.
Earlier today,  J. headed off to an auction while I finished up some work (yes, this week has been h-e-double-hockey-stix and the reason why I've been away from here for several days).  It just so happened that they were auctioning off some nursery trees at what is normally our go-to farm equipment auction. If you're been following the goin's on here, then you know that we recently went to a class on tapping maple trees to make syrup.  Well, you're never going to guess what kind of trees they had at this auction.
Yep, oak trees!  Just kidding...they had several varieties of sugar maples:  Commemoration, Green Mountain and Fall Fiesta.  They even had some Autumn Blazes, which aren't sugar maples but, because of their fabulously beautiful spreading branches and drop-dead gorgeous orange and red fall colors, I've always wanted one of them in our back yard. J. did not disappoint, as he hauled an Autumn Blaze home for me.  And six 12' sugar maples to boot!
This pic doesn't show it, but one of these trees was sticking 12 feet off the back of this trailer.  I'm surprised he didn't get pulled over by the highway patrol!
We've got an old weed tree in our back yard that dropped a huge limb last fall and it appears to be dying.  The tree guy  is coming over tomorrow to give us a quote on taking it down and removing some big limbs from our neighbor's trees that are overhanging where the solar panels will go.  Once the big tree is down, we'll replace it with the Autumn Blaze.  It's the biggest tree on the trailer in that picture above and is 20 feet tall!  It's going to be fun getting it off the trailer and into the ground, that's for sure.  The other trees will go up to our farm.  We don't have a house there yet, but this will give me that tree-lined drive that I've always wanted.

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  1. How funny, my birthday is just a few days away and you know what is on my list? Fresh mulch and trees!! I am not 100% sure how many or what kind I want, but I want them everywhere. I'd love them to line our drive!


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