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This blog belongs to two Gen X-er's smackdab in downtown Kansas City where we've been renovating and decorating two old Victorians built in the 1890's. Our life is filled with 3 demanding Pomeranians (1 of them cranky, of course), honking cars, noisy neighbors and the hustle and bustle of city life but we dream of the day when we can move to our 40-acre farm and hear nothing but the wind and the cows next door. Until then, we're chronicling our triumphs and mishaps here as we try to garden and preserve on 2 city lots, raise chickens, and learn all those things we should have learned from our grandparents. Welcome to our world - we hope you'll stay awhile!

Along for the Ride

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Look who decided to hitch a ride home with me last night...

A friendly katydid!  I don't have any photo editing software on this PC, or I would have lowered the light on his face, but it does a nice job of highlighting the leaf-like veins on his wings.  I see tons of preying mantises, but I have never seen one of these in person!

Despite being rather large at aout 4 inches long, I didn't notice him on my hood until I started driving and he did fine holding on at low speed until I got out of the parking garage, pulled over and did the photo shoot.  Then he calmly climbed into my hand and I deposited him in a field where he wouldn't get smooshed.

What a neat little creature!  Anybody know exactly what kind of katydid this is?


  1. I have never seen one here! I hope you guys are adjusting to Life AF... and your hearts are healing a little.

  2. We have them all the time over here. If one gets picked up by a bird or if you mess with them at all, they get mad and make this incredibly loud noise! We used to have a pool and they would get in there all the time. It's so crazy how they just look like a leaf with legs!


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