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In a Tight Place

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

This is why you should check your garden every day.  (Bad gardener, bad gardener!)

I turned my back for a couple of days while I was busy with something else and one of my Sugar Baby watermelons got itself stuck between the tines of the goat panel that they're growing on.  Now I can't get it out!

This one just happened to be growing on the part of the panel where the tines are really close together.  I briefly thought about it cutting the tine, but I've got a ton of watermelons growing, so I decided to wait and see what happens with this one.  Do you think it will keep trying to grow around it?  I guess I'm going to have to cut it off there if it ever ripens.

I checked the other melons and they're in no danger of getting in this same predicament.

Weird, huh?  Keep an eye on those veggies, guys and gals....

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  1. It reminded me of those square watermelons they grow. Let it continue, you might have a very interestingly shaped watermelon soon!


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