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Late Night Stakeout

Friday, July 12, 2013

Not me.
 Besides me ABC's and 123's, the one thing I remember from kindergarten was that good boys and girls keep their hands to themselves.  Being an INTJ, I strongly believe in the rule or law and good vs. bad.  That J = "judging" and trust me...I find myself doing it all the time. And I love that the INTJ personality is sometimes referred to as the "mastermind".  Bwwaahhaaaaahaaaa!  (That's an evil laugh, folks.)

Anyways...as you know, I've got an accepted offer on the house around the corner from us and we're waiting on the bank to approve the short sale.  The owners moved out months ago, so I've been keeping a close eye on it.  J. and I went to a private screening of "Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire" last night (excellent movie, BTW) so I decided to stop by and just walk around the outside of the house because I'd noticed the storm windows on the upper floor were opened sometime during the day.  Maybe it was just the sellers getting the last of their stuff out.

As I approached the back door, I could see that the blinds in the window near the back door had been torn down.  Peeking in, I could see one of the clawfoot tubs on its side and I knew there was a problem.  I tried the door and it opened easily.  So I went inside with J. right behind me. 


That clawfoot tub used to be in the 2nd floor bathroom.  And I'm sure the kitchen sink was in the kitchen.  In the bathroom, the vanity top was missing as well as the toilet.  They were no where to be found.  Then I made it to where there used to be a really nice beveled glass front door.  As in past tense.  As in THE FRONT DOOR WAS COMPLETELY MISSING.  Thank goodness they hadn't tried to take off with the hand-painted cast iron fireplaces.


INTJ's really hate thieves.  Why can't they just keep their hands to themselves (a.k.a. off other people's stuff?)

We needed to make it to the movie, so we didn't go upstairs.  I have no idea what kind of damage may have been done while they tried to get that clawfoot tub down the narrow, curved staircase.  On the way, we called my agent whose response was similar to mine.  Crap.  She said she would call the listing agent (who would call the sellers) and then the bank in the morning to see what could be done and then call me back.  I didn't have much confidence that anyone would take any action to secure the property last night, so I decided to stake it out.

Yep, me in my Jeep with a long-range telephoto lens, binoculars, cell phone at the ready.  It was a nice, balmy night so I was comfortable sitting there just watching.  Actually, the neighborhood was quiet (except for a raccoon that came barreling down the street like his *ss was on fire), so it was nice to feel like I could hear myself think for once.

What did I see?

Nothing.  I finally went to bed at a little after 2 because I've got to go to work today and needed some sleep.  I'll check the house again on my way to work and we'll see what comes of this when I talk to the realtor. 


  1. Goodness! That is frustrating and scary. People are so rude!! Just makes me mad!

  2. That's horrible. Perhaps you can talk to the folks on the block, most are good people, and ask each and every one of them to keep an eye out. Especially if they know you are a neighbor they will help.

  3. That is just awful, but you know what might be worse?? It is quite possible that the sellers did this. My husband and I buy repos and we have seen many, many times that when the owners realize that a short sale means the bank allows the house to be sold for half what is owed, the seller is not off the hook, they have to claim the difference as INCOME on their tax return, they usually get mad and say, well they are not getting the nice faucet I installed, or the beautiful French doors, and they even do mean stuff like pour cement down the drains. Be VERY careful buying a repo or short sale...get an inspection!

    Just wanted to share our experiences with you. I hope it can all get resolved and you get the house you want. You will now get an opportunity to readjust your offer unless they replace everything taken and repair damages.

    Good luck!


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