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Not Fit For Man Nor Beast

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Did somebody not get the memo that IT'S MAY??!!  
Not only are we forecast to break the record lows for the lowest temps in May today, but it's also been sleeting and snowing all day. Fortunately, most of it isn't sticking.  Yet.

Last night, we were out in shorts and t-shirts trying to get ready for this crazy weather.  Everything got tarped and you can see the strawberry beds on the left and the tomato and pepper beds on the right in the pic below.  We used tomato cages to make a tent and added a heater to keep it nice and cozy in there until this stuff passes.  Fortunately, it's supposed to be back up in the 60's on Saturday and then go up from there.  I'm crossing my fingers that my little plants survive!

And the snow starts....
Not only am I worried about the plants, but I've also been agonizing over what to do with Daisy Bill, the baby dove.  I know, I know...he's a wild bird.  But he's also a baby and I have a serious soft spot for baby animals.  I just can't bear to think of him out in the cold without a mama to warm him up.
Here he is yesterday under our Japanese Maple.  I caught Mama Dove feeding him, so I know he's being taken care of. 
Can you spot the little guy in this pic?

I checked on him when I got him this afternoon and found him huddled under the tree where he was still getting sleeted on.  What to do?  I suppose I could take him inside and put him under a brooder lamp, but I don't have the faintest idea of how to feed him.  But I just couldn't leave him like that.  So I made him a little shelter and a bed of fresh straw. At least that will keep him dry and somewhat warm while we all weather this late Spring storm.

You can see his little behind right above that yellow arrow.  Note the straw bed that I made for him.

Yes, I'm a big softy. 


  1. I'm a softie, too! I'd be worried sick about him, but I think you did what is best. If his mama is still taking care of him, just try to keep him warm and dry. And as for the weather - I know right?! Driving me bats! We have had to cover things up over and over, at least once a week since we planted! Crazy times.

  2. I just looked out my window and there's about an inch on the roof of the garage but very little on the grass and the streets just look wet. Thank goodness! If I had to shovel snow in May, I might go insane.

  3. Oh my gosh, trying to get caught up this morning and just saw the post on the mourning dove chick! Way to go for covering it up! I would have been worried sick, too.

    We still see green here this morning, and I changed the darn plastic pond out at 38 degrees, so I'm the one that's sappy. I'm going to have to start hardening off all over again tomorrow.

    Did your tomatoes make it???? Please let us know!

  4. Glad you are worried about Daisy Bill. I would be too. Sorry to hear about the cold & snow. We're getting heavy showers here. I think the weather guy said we had 10-12 inches since Wednesday night & there's more to come! Feast or famine.


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