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Sometimes I'm An Idiot

Monday, April 01, 2013

Today is NOT a good day despite the fact that the sun is shining and it feels like Spring.  My little baby grafted tomato seedlings were perking up quite nicely over the weekend. So, on the way out the door to go to work, I thought I would increase their light and move them closer to the window.
And I dropped them.  Flat on their little heads.
It broke two of the grafts, so I re-sliced them and will start all over again.  I just hope I didn't kill them.  I am seriously upset about the whole thing.  In fact, I would really rather be home nursing them back to health.  I know it's insane, but I am really distressed about possibly killing them.  And they're just plants...
If these little guys live, it won't be because of me, that's for sure!


  1. I hate it when I drop seedlings. Last year I was transplanting a large seeding into the garden and I broke the stem. I cried...seriously!

  2. After the amount of work & effort involved in keeping things alive, it is heart breaking to have something fail.

  3. Thanks, guys. I am seriously depressed about the whole situation. It's ruined my whole day! I am hoping to get home from work today and find that they are OK. Please cross your fingers for me...

  4. :( I've done plenty of stuff like that. It suck. Fingers crossed they might be OK though! We can't help it, crap happens no matter how much we avoid it!

  5. Oh NO! I'm so sorry! I hope they were okay when you came home last night. I have some transplanting to do here, too... but will have to get more pots and yet another shop light. I'm happy with what I've started, though. We sure need the greenhouse up!

  6. Hey, how is it now? I bet they are fine.

  7. Oh yes...the dropping of seedlings. I think it happens at least once a season. Hope they're recovering quickly :-)


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