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On the Rising Cost of Milk

Monday, February 18, 2013

A lonely barn somewhere out by Tonganozie, Kansas. The diamond window caught my eye.
I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice the rising prices and decreasing sizes at the grocery store. But after running to Hy-vee to do the shopping, I was shocked tonight to find that milk - ALL milk gallons - are now over $4.00 a gallon here.  Skim and 1% had been hovering around $3.85 but, sometime in the last week, they have shot up another 5% in price. 

We received our electric bill last week and, after they raised rates again, it's over 15% higher than last year even though it's been another mild winter.  KCPL has raised rates 7% every year since 2009 and they just got approved to raise rates another 9.7%.  I don't know about you guys, but I've only had one 2% raise since 2009 so I'm  now going backwards in term of take-home-pay that I get to keep.

J. and I headed to Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop this weekend and were amazed at what we saw.  No ammo to be found anywhere (other than the really expensive Hornady self-defense stuff).  And imagine a 25 foot gun case at Bass Pro with only 12 or so guns in it.  I've never seen anything like it in my life.  A friend at work said that his wife had several people at her church that were new gun owners and they asked if he would teach them how to shoot.

Funny thing is, our own Missouri legislature is trying to confiscate all guns and turn law-abiding gun owners into felons in they don't turn over their firearms within 90 days.  House Bill 545 has a snowball's chance in hell of passing, but it's still alarming.

Folks, we are in for a bumpy ride and it's going to get worse.   

It's been awhile since I joined the Barn Charm Hop. If you love barn porn like I do, that's the place to find it!


  1. I'm in south Florida and gallons of milk have been over a gallon for over a year!!! Organic milk is about $3.50 per HALF gallon!

  2. I have been noticing the same thing...if something remains the same price, then check closely because it will not be the same size...my husband cannot find primers anywhere...people seem to ignor history.

    They also tend to ignor all the laws on the books and how criminals don't pay attention to them. I just cannot believe that sane people really believe that criminals will pay attention to handgun laws. My husband worked with criminals for 25 yrs...he had one say they would love for guns to be outlawed.

  3. We're noticing the same things here ~ NW Montana.

  4. I love your barn! And I'm glad I found your blog again. I agree that it's going to be a bumpy ride. It's amazing to see how fast things are changing...and not for the better.

  5. Dave and I were talking about the ammo issue. He said (and I can't substantiate this b/c I don't know where he got it) that the gov't had ordered ONE BILLION bullets and seems to be arming, while at the same time they are encouraging a severe lack of 9mm and .22 ammo. The only stuff available for a LOT of people is the uber-expensive stuff - this limits the acquisition of ammo to those more flush with funds.

    My advice is to buy whatever you can. They might not be able to outlaw gun ownership, but they will make obtaining ammo nearly impossible, which is the same thing in my book.


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